Food Guide

If you don’t eat you will starve and die so finding food is important. There are a number of ways to satisfy your hunger:

  • Pick corn, pumpkins and mushrooms.
  • Harvest desert cactus for cactus flesh.
  • Find small food containers near monuments and mines.
  • Kill animals with a weapon (bow / spear) and roast their flesh on a campfire. 
  • Killing other humans and roasting their flesh. 
  • Catching fish with a fishing trap.

Wherever you find barrels, you’ll find ration boxes. They’re a great place to find food, water and even metal fragments. If you find a tin of food, you’ll be given the empty tin upon consuming it, which can be smelted at a campfire into 15 metal fragments. For late-game, you’ll want to avoid ration boxes as you have no need for any of the items it contains but for early-game this is some of the best loot you can find given you start off almost starving and ready to die of dehydration.

Not to be confused with Loot Crates, Food Crates can usually be found near or in radtowns unlike ration boxes food crates give mid-game loot whilst still giving food.

Killing animals is tricky because the majority of them will either run away faster than you can chase them or fight back with often fatal consequences. Even boars can kill you if all you have is your rock. If you manage to kill an animal, for maximum yield, butcher it with a bone knife which you can craft for 30 bone fragments.

Depending on their size you’ll get a varying amount of animal fat which you can combine with cloth to craft low grade fuel which is a vital early game resource.

The easiest way to kill an animal is with a hunting bow and the easiest animal to kill is a boar. They give you lots of meat and animal fat and they run at roughly the same speed as you so if you hit one with an arrow, you can chase it and with practice land a few more arrows in it.

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