Loot Guide

Main source of items in early game is looting.
Here, we’ll show you some tips and tricks to get you started easily.

Loot can be found all over the map. Some of the easier to access ones are usually by  the road. You can find junk piles with barrels and crates which you can break  to get some basic items.
Basic items such as gears, springs and other crafting components can be found here.

When it comes to monuments, you often have to do something to get the loot, it ranges from radiation, npc’s with guns or parkour. Depending on which monument you decide to enbark on you can find Green crates which contain tier 2 loot.

Highest tier loot, as you might’ve imagined it, it’s the hardest one to get. They are hidden away in monuments with many challenges which range from trigger happy NPC’s to a tank that will blow you to pieces as soon as it spots you. If you can manage to get past these challenges you will find military level crates with lots of useful loot.

There are three types of doors. Red doors, blue doors and green doors. Each of these doors requires the respective coloured keycards to open The difficulty of the doors goes in order of green, blue, red, green being the easiest and red being the hardest. Note that there may be a blue door behind a green one for example, so make sure to have all you need before opening the first one, for the loot can be sparse before the last door in these cases.

Green cards can be found as a drop from scientists, and at the lighthouse, super market and Oxum’s Gas Station. Blue cards can be found in vending machines at the Outpost or in loot rooms opened by the green card that do not contain a blue door. Red cards can only be found in crates and behind the locked blue doors. All these cards have a swipe limit, however using them on the wrong door or one that is not powered will not deplete them, but using them on an already opened door will.

Green = Low tier loot
Blue = Medium tier loot
Red = High tier loot

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